I also do a bit of composing. I especially enjoy electronic music, and more specifically with nice round and warm sounds, but I eventually come to compose original scores.
From synthesizers to orchestral, let me walk you through my work…

Original Scores

Trailer score

© Xavier Munch sept 2015

Demo Reel 2016

Score composed for the 2016 fiction Demo Reel.
© Xavier Munch sept 2016

Helloworld Contest
And viva Strasbourg !

Composed for an online project that you can check here !
© Xavier Munch sept 2015

plucked synth and a 80s touch !

Composed for an improvised Halloween music video project !
© Xavier Munch sept 2017

Bad Banking Services – Theme
A hint melancholic !

Composed for Bad Banking Services.
© Xavier Munch march 2016

For my first animation short

The song that inspired the short !
© Xavier Munch oct 2015

Mat – Theme
Chaotic !

Composed for Mat
© Xavier Munch march 2016

Distorted Time
Time in a bottle

An improv that ended up used in Freeze
© Xavier Munch april 2016

Excellence Physiotherapy London
Electronic & Chill

Composed for Excellence Physiotherapy London.
© Xavier Munch nov 2016

Bam !

Composed for ClemNash’s Stuntchef pilot video. You see how it works here !
© Xavier Munch march 2016

Sélestat, encounter in unknown lands

For Sélestat, encounter in unknown lands directed by Bernard Collet – which I edited – despite extremely tight deadlines, I wanted to take care of the music. Time playing against us, we had to use couple other music, but I still had a lot of fun to compose for this project.

Lignes de Ville

I had the chance and opportunity to compose for Lignes de Ville, a mobile App for which original content was created.
Especially for a series of short doc, I had the pleasure to compose original scores, despite the short delays we had.
Enjoy !

Je suis Orpheline

Short film directed for the Nikon Film Festival, you will find the first music composed at the end. For the long version, I worked on the theme more in depth to end up with 4 movements. The waltz being a “bonus” never used in the final video.