Having started piano when I was 5 years old, I felt into music long before I felt into film making. And it was all natural that I ended up looking into computer assisted composition to experiment further the usual boundaries that piano or guitar offers.

Yet I never tried to sell this skills, in 2016 I got the opportunity to compose professionally and the feedback were good.

Ever since, and even if I don't try to push into this direction, I'm always happy to compose for someone when the opportunity is give to me.

And what about my style ?
Eclectic at least !


Original Scores

First, here's a handful of tracks from various projects :
Demo 2017 : Orchestral.
Demo 2016 : Orchestral.
The Gunter Projet (2015) : Orchestral. Lot more epic, somehow Hollywood oriented with strong brass at the end.
Helloworld (2015) : Pop. Quite a cliche of modern travel/commercial pop song,with a tick-tack inpired by Walter Mitty.
Hackoween (2017) : more oriented électro-pop with more work on the sound design, feeling a bit 80s.
Bad Bank Services (2016): we get the guitar out with a crunch buzz, alongside some synthesizers...
Holloween (2015) : a crunchy guitar again, a metal drums, but with a unique sound design around it!
Freeze (2016) : abstract composition with evolving layers.
Excellence Physio (2016) : another cliche, but this time of the "electro-chill" style. Always effective though!
Stuntechef Pilot (2016) : a lot more "dry", more rythmic... an action drum based composition.
Sélestat, encounter in unknown lands

For Sélestat, encounter in unknown lands directed by Bernard Collet – which I edited – despite extremely tight deadlines, I wanted to take care of the music. Time playing against us, we had to use couple other music, but I still had a lot of fun to compose for this project.

The Kochesberg

We worked during winter 2017 on a documentary on the Kochersberg, the region west of Strasbourg. This region is, as for the rest of Alsace, buzzing with energy around Christmas time and the low in the sky sun bring to it a mysterious ambiance.

During the Editing process, we mainly used classical pieces, which I reinterpreted for copyright purposes.

Lignes de Ville

I had the chance and opportunity to compose for Lignes de Ville, a mobile App for which original content was created.
Especially for a series of short doc, I had the pleasure to compose original scores, despite the short delays we had.
Enjoy !

Je suis Orpheline

Short film directed for the Nikon Film Festival, you will find the first music composed at the end. For the long version, I worked on the theme more in depth to end up with 4 movements. The waltz being a “bonus” never used in the final video.