Having started piano when I was 5 years old, I felt into music long before I felt into film making. And it was all natural that I ended up looking into computer assisted composition to experiment further the usual boundaries that piano or guitar offers.

Yet I never tried to sell this skills, in 2016 I got the opportunity to compose professionally and the feedback were good.

Ever since, and even if I don't try to push into this direction, I'm always happy to compose for someone when the opportunity is give to me.

And what about my style ?
Eclectic at least !


Original Scores

Dans un premier temps, voici quelques compositions isolées pour des projets différents.
Demo 2017 : Orchestral.
Demo 2016 : Orchestral.
The Gunter Projet (2015) : Orchestral. Lot more epic, somehow Hollywood oriented with strong brass at the end.
Helloworld (2015) : Pop. Quite a cliche of modern travel/commercial pop song,with a tick-tack inpired by Walter Mitty.
Hackoween (2017) : more oriented électro-pop with more work on the sound design, feeling a bit 80s.
Bad Bank Services (2016): we get the guitar out with a crunch buzz, alongside some synthesizers...
Holloween (2015) : a crunchy guitar again, a metal drums, but with a unique sound design around it!
Freeze (2016) : abstract composition with evolving layers.
Excellence Physio (2016) : another cliche, but this time of the "electro-chill" style. Always effective though!
Stuntechef Pilot (2016) : a lot more "dry", more rythmic... an action drum based composition.
Sélestat, encounter in unknown lands

For Sélestat, encounter in unknown lands directed by Bernard Collet – which I edited – despite extremely tight deadlines, I wanted to take care of the music. Time playing against us, we had to use couple other music, but I still had a lot of fun to compose for this project.

Lignes de Ville

I had the chance and opportunity to compose for Lignes de Ville, a mobile App for which original content was created.
Especially for a series of short doc, I had the pleasure to compose original scores, despite the short delays we had.
Enjoy !

Je suis Orpheline

Short film directed for the Nikon Film Festival, you will find the first music composed at the end. For the long version, I worked on the theme more in depth to end up with 4 movements. The waltz being a “bonus” never used in the final video.