Hi !

My name is Xavier Munch, I'm 27 and a filmmaker. "Filmmaker", a word that finds no equivalent in my native French language.

My journey through this world of lights and cameras surprised more than than one already, but always pleased the one who trusted me. Coming for a condensed matter and nano-physics Master, I jumped into the video world in 2015, deciding to give it a go. Starting with an ambitious amateur project, I then developed my experience and filled my resume following the encounters : in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Strasbourg.
And if along my journey, it has been told to me many times to only display one or two main skills, I can only but notice that it always change depending who I'm working with. I've always tried to push my editing and directing skills, and yet even recently I've been asked to grade, mix and conform a 60' doc for television.

That's why I love this word so much : "Filmmaker", the one who makes films. Because this is really what it is : conceive a project, bring it to the finishing line no matter the toughness of it. And it I must learn, improve, improvise, this is quite an euphemism for life !

Since 2018, I offer my services - Directing, filming, or in post - through my company At'Home Communication, and I've since acquired a Cinema Camera and lenses. I'm ready, fully equipped for the next challenge : what if it was yours ?

Nothing compares to a first impression, so contact me !


Here's a partial list of my most recent or most notable jobs :

Cam. operator/Director
  • Live Event : Cinemoi goes to Cannes 2019 (52')
    Cinemoi, Minky Production, (2019)
    Cam. operator
  • Short web program : Onko Tips & Tricks
    Les Films de l'Europe (2018)
    Director (& Post-Prod).
  • Report : Collectif des Singes Hurleurs
    Compagie Bardaff! (2018)
    Director (& Post-Prod).
  • Live Event : Festival Octophonia
    Alcanautha (2018)
    Cam. operator.
  • Docu-Fiction : Sélestat, Rencontre en terres méconnues (26')
    Dir. Bernard Collet / Les Films de l'Europe (2018)
    Cam. operator (& Editor/Composer).
  • Doc : Le Kochersberg en hivers
    Les Films de l'Europe : (2017-2018)
    Cam. operator (& Post-Prod).
  • Live Event : Cannes Film Festival coverage
    Cinemoi, Minky Production, (2017)
    Cam. operator (& Post-Prod).
  • Web series : Lignes de Ville, minute Munch
    Red Revolver, (2017)
    Director (& Post-Prod).
  • Short : La vida es un sueño
    Rodolphe Vivant, (2017)
    Cam. operator (& Post-Prod).
  • Live Event : Horror Night on Ice (Europa Park)
    Alcanautha, (2016)
    Cam. operator.
  • Live Event : We Love Letters (Londres)
    Minky Production, (2016)
    Cam. operator.
  • Commercial : Valfleuri (Diffusion TV Grand Est)
    Alcanautha, Skerzo (2016)
    Cam. operator.
  • Interview : of Kristen Stewart for Rencontres de Cinéma (Los Angeles)
    La Jolla/ Canal+ (2016)
    Cam. operator.
  • Interview : of James Kickilighter & of Christina Serafini
    Personal project (2016) Dir.
  • Fiction : The Gunter Project
    Personal Project/span> (2015) Dir.
  • Live Event : Cinemoi goes to Cannes 2019, Red Carpet Special (25') and Films in Competition (25')
    Cinemoi, Minky Production, (2019)
    Editor / Conformation
  • Doc : Bob Fosse It's Show Time! (60')
    Minky Prod & Pan Production Limted (2019)
    Colorist / Conformation TV.
  • Doc : Conseil de l'Europe - End Immigration Detention of Children
    Les Films de l'Europe (2018)
  • Interview : La préservation de la fertilité des patients en cancerologie
    Les Films de l'Europe (2017)
  • Live Event : Cinemoi goes to Venice 2017
    Cinemoi, Minky Prod, (2017)
    Visual Effects
  • Commercial : Venice Goes to Monte-Carlo
    Noble Show Monte Carlo (2017)
  • Web série : Lignes de Ville, second souffle
    Dir. Marc Jonas / Red Revolver, (2017)
  • Fiction : Galères Viking
    Dir. Pierre Loechleiter / Red Revoler : (2018)
    Replacing 1st Assistant Director.
  • Fiction : Histoires Fantastiques D'un Chauffeur Ordinaire
    Red Revolver (2017)
    Sound operator.
  • Interview : of Eva Husson
    Films Distribution (2016)
  • Interview : Hebd’Hollywood – The Hollywood reporter
    La Jolla Production (2016)
  • Interview : Hebd’Hollywood – Larry Karaszewski
    La Jolla Production (2016)

Gear :

Here's a list of gear I own and can bring to your project :

Camera :

  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K (EF mount)
  • Blackmagic pocket cinema camera + metabones speedbooster (+1,7 stop)
  • Gopro Hero 6 Black
  • Canon 550D (also know as Rebel T2i)
  • PKS LH5S 5" monitoring screen

Optics :

  • Sigma Cine 18-35 T2
  • Sigma Cine 50mm T1.5
  • Sigma 24-70mm F/2.8 ART DG OS HSM
  • Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 Sport DG OS hSM
  • Canon 85mm F/1.8

Sound :

  • Rode NTG3
  • Rode NT3
  • Neumann TLM102
  • Rode Wireless Lavalier Mic
  • Zoom H5
  • Rode Mini Boompole

Machinerie :

  • Manfrotto MVK502AM
  • Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 + MHXPRO-2W or 324RC2
  • Zhiyun Crane
  • Jag 35 full shoulder rig

Light :

  • Aputure 120D mkII & Fresnel 2X & Light Dome Mini II
  • Small diffused light panel and 2 Aputure Amaran AL-M9
  • 2 Diffuser/Reflector and Avenger holder

Misc. :

  • Talkie walkie Motorola T80 Extreme
  • Green coton Background 3x4m
  • ...

Contact me to have a most up to date list, along with what's not listed here !